Gorsline Development


How it all began...”

George Gorsline, grandfather of Glen Gorsline, was a native born and raised in the state of Iowa. George was a farmer back in the 1920’s, yet always had a passion of home building, that he performed on the side in the work of carpentry. Home development was not as prominent out in Iowa as it had been in Northern Illinois. So that was when George decided to uproot his family and make a change to start his own business, George Gorsline Builders, in Libertyville, IL, established in 1925.

George had 2 sons, Ron and John Gorsline that had taken interest in their fathers’ line of work, and that was when in the 1950’s, George had changed the name of his business to then becoming George Gorsline & Sons. Business was booming and their reputation in new home development was a success.

There were only 3 home builders in the Libertyville area back in the 1930’s and the 1940’s. So when George had his team of 2 children, Ron and John, come aboard working for him, with the value of work that was performed, the Gorsline name became very well known. Gorsline and Sons was well known for their ethic, integrity, and pride they had taken in the work done for their clients.

Glen Gorsline, son of Ron Gorsline, remembers the days when he would go with his father to work sites watching his father supervise and run various projects. Throughout the years, Glen would work for his father’s business during high school summer breaks and do odds and ends carpentry work, learning the aspects and fundamentals to the home construction business. Years had passed and Glen went his own way in another profession, but never did that stop Glen Gorsline to taking on and assisting in projects. When Glen’s grandfather had passed away, in 1963, Glen’s father later on changed the name of the business to Gorsline Construction which was when Glen was running the business on his own in full operation. Glen Gorsline, now President, took over the family run business from an S Corp, to starting Gorsline Development, LLC, in 2008. A 3rd Generation “Family Owned and Operated” business that is still running strong, taking the dynamics of home building to a different level to merging in the commercial construction industry.

Glen Gorsline is proud to running a company with such a history that his company name is advertised everywhere he goes. Glen is proud to say that when he has his name being advertised whether on a website to on the side of his company and personal vehicles, that you are taking the personality of what you want to achieve having a product come out to the closest to perfection as possible. It represents significance in standard, having pride that you are able to carry on showing that over 80 years of excellence runs strong, stable and continues.

We at Gorsline Development want to make your home a pleasure to live in and a space that you can cherish for many years with a built value that you can enjoy. Our mission is based on trust, listening to the needs of our clients. Without innovation, efficiency, integrity, and value at its best, how can you trust in a builder that will accommodate your needs? That is why Gorsline Development meets those standards and performs them to leaving you with the words we go by in the work that we accomplish.